2010/10/28 Franck L <fra...@kernlog.net>:
> i noticed that at everyboot, it set back the hwclock to 1-1-1970, which
> make my zaurus make fsck.ext3 at everyboot.
> So, i switched back to linux-kexecboot-2.6.34-rc4 , which not have this
> problem.

I'm sure this is kernel problem..

> less important : for the 2.6.2x-new-gui, i don't know if it's me, but
> the choice is a little hard in "sunlight", because the contrast between
> the chosen line (white) and the others choices (light grey) isn't
> enough.

Yes, this is known problem. I'll change colors to be more contrast.

> the device scan is long i think. but it might be normal ?

NAND scanning takes most part of time. If you have nothing useful in
NAND then just erase it with mtd-utils.

> i was wondering... would it be hard to add a little console entry, to be
> able to log, in order to make some tasks ; for example, mounting hdd and
> sd card, in order to put a new/old kexecboot on the SD to reflash the
> kexecboot, resetting hwclock in kexecboot (...)
> but would it be a good idea ?

Well.. I have thinking about this regularly. But you can just boot
e.g. console-image from some media..

Yuri Bushmelev

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