On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 3:59 PM, Franck L <fra...@kernlog.net> wrote:
> hello, since yesterday, i tried
> zaurus linux-kexecboot-2.6.2x-new-GUI (for spitz)
> i noticed that at everyboot, it set back the hwclock to 1-1-1970, which
> make my zaurus make fsck.ext3 at everyboot.


perhaps I misread your question but the Zaurus doesn't have any CMOS
to store time and date so every time you cold-reboot it the date is
set back to 1-1-1970.
You can do something in userspace but not at boot.

> So, i switched back to linux-kexecboot-2.6.34-rc4 , which not have this
> problem.

Strange...where does current time come from?



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