Andrea Adami wrote:

> it seems vanilla kernel 2.6.38 boots just fine on all Zaurus models.
> We have fresh recipes in OpenEmbedded (linux and linux-kexecboot) for
> c7x0, akita, spitz, poodle.
> Collie and tosa will be committed later today.

Not only that it boots. Even battery seems to survive overnight suspend!

I just seen following problems:
- I guess that I seen some errors about missing audio (untested).
- tslib stopped to understand /dev/input/touchscreen0.

After fixing these two issues, it may be a good candidate for update the
default kernel in the feeds.

And long time running issues:
- Serial without console may need to close/open after suspend to work
- Suspend still has problems with MAX1111 (but offline charging
  surprisingly seems to work, I did not test whether even stopping of
  charging works)
- Unfiltered touchscreen precision is still tragical (50 pixel jumps are
  not exceptions).
- I still did not find to finish my resistor array keyboard driver (AKA
  remote control). I will probably port the old one to get remote
  working there.
- Status of filesystem corruptions is not known (it is happening with
  varying frequency in all 2.6 kernels).

Stanislav Brabec

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