Yury Bushmelev wrote:

> > I also started to write a small dbus service (service watching input
> > device and sending rotation and audio switch events to clients -
> > probably rotation, audio and brightness applets on the screen), but
> > never finished.
> I'm interested in such thing for my ThinkPad X61 tablet :)
> Have you published your work anywhere?

Doing just now. It is a WIP, but it may help a bit. Commented code is
stolen from another projects and needs to be adjusted.


The top directory contains some learning examples.

The code intended to be release is in evdevd-0.1. I wanted to write it
without glib or any other dbus proxy. It makes code a bit more complex
and especially I had to learn use of select().

The idea is following:

When client starts, it queries for the current status
by .../Evdevd/GetLid. It will starts listening on .../Evdevd/Lid would
to get change signals.

I was not yet decided whether "force rotation" or "force headphone mode"
should be part of the daemon or part of the client.


Stanislav Brabec

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