Andrea Adami wrote:
> Third step is the new event-driven zaurusd.

Cyril Hrubis wrote something.;a=summary

I also started to write a small dbus service (service watching input
device and sending rotation and audio switch events to clients -
probably rotation, audio and brightness applets on the screen), but
never finished.

> Fourth step (to be discussed) is moving all to xorg-xserver.

It's basically possible and I already succeeded. I even wrote a nice
keymap with working CapsLock (programming XKB is crazy!) and layout

But last time I tried it (a year ago), it needed extra ~15 megabytes of
RAM. It's not acceptable for device with 64MB of RAM.

Another blocker is the fuzz of the touchscreen device (if we don't want
to use depecated tslib input device). There exists some patches from
Vitaly Minko sent to this list. (Note that thread started early after
setup of this list and it is not archived completely.)

Again, Cyril Hrubis wrote a generic event filter, which can perform
similar job.


Stanislav Brabec

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