Hey Mike,

I've also been thinking about ways to modify ZB somehow.

I guess lately, I have had some doubts about full ZB but I've had some
encouragement as well.

The all edges correct ZBLL cases are useful for a new BLD system I
want to implement.  Basically it is like the best of Stefan Pochman's
solve orientation and permutation startegy, combined with the
quickness of cycle solving.  Basically you use algs to both permute
and orient 2 corners at a time, like in cycles solving.  Also you can
use ELL to do the same for the edges.

Also, I've noticed that sometimes in my Fridrich solving I use ZB
stuff even when I tell myself "Fridrich only this average."

I had one particular solve lately where I had a case 4 ZBF2L (the
corner is flipped, otherwise the pair is already solved) and all LL
edges flipped.  Normally I use the all edges correct alg for my
standard Fridrich alg, but during this solve without even thinking I
did the ZBF2L, the COLL and PLL finsih and got a 16.xx solve.

Also, for me at least ZB helps tremendously for making Fridrich seem
like an "easier" method.  The weighted bat effect I call it.

So here is what I am thinking, I still want to learn full ZB since
there are so many subsets of ZBLL that are so incredibly useful. 
Also, though I am doubting the speed of ZB (how do we overcome the
time lost in ZBF2L and also ZBLL recognition and also in some cases
the slow execution of the ZBLL alg?) I can only think of good effects
from learning it.

It's a weird thought, and I wonder if I am the only one who thinks
this way.  The more I learn for ZBLL the more I find that there are in
fact really, incredibly crappy cases that are very slow to solve. 
However, with enough practice I can still make my ZBLL alg faster than
OLL/PLL or COLL/PLL finish on average (not every execution).

So anyway, I am still very dedicated to learning all of ZB, since it
does so many good things for cubing in general, but I seriously doubt
I will use ZB in a future competition other than as a "first round
method"  Sort of as saying I know I can use ZB fast enough to make the
first cut, so I might as well go for a lucky LL case and hopefully
some sort of single solve record, and for the other rounds use Fridrich.

I wonder also if maybe learning all of ZB, then using it for 5 years
will make the delay problems just go away.  Maybe learning ZB and
using it in practice until the day comes when you can recognize very
quickly will be a good strategy for how to learn it, yet maintain the
ability to do well in competitions also.

Anyway this e-mail is getting long, but I just wanted to post about
how I was thinking lately.


P.S.  Also in case anyone is interested, in the last week I have
averaged sub-16 three times, and have been getting solves 20 and over
only about 5% of the time or even less.  This is a _huge_ improvement
for me, and the reason is that I now use opposite colors solving
religiously.  I seriously see the difference with my new roughly 50%
chance for getting a good Xcross solve on either face.  Let's get rid
of this "always solve the same color" dogma.  It's outdated, and not
as fast as opposite color, and opposite color is by far a better
method (just look at the math behind it for proof).  It has already
drastically improved my times from what they used to be.  Just food
for thought.

--- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Bennett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Also, I was looking around Lars Petrus' site the other day and
> realized something.  Using the VH method for edge flipping, you can
> usually influence the corner orientation in your favor with the last
> pair, simply by using U turns to adjust when you insert the pair. 
> Doing this, you can pretty much end up with a Sune or AntiSune case
> every time.  If one were to learn the complete Sune and AntiSune cases
> of ZBLL algs, at a total of about 144, you could always have a 1
look LL.
> As much as I like the no corner perm ones, and am terrified of the
> Sune case recognition, this seems like the best possible bang for the
> buck, hands down.
> Thoughts?
> -Mike

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