As you are the only one who has had the leading position,
could you describe what it consists in ?

Another possibility is giving some "homework" to everyone for 3 weeks :p
If Doug can get us a big list of raw algorithms (so we need to provide him a txt file with the cases), I'm sure we could have something to do for that period.

What do you think ?

Concerning my case, I'll have mid-terms exams in January so my time will be a bit limited from now on for zb-research. But I can surely find at least one hour per day to work on zb.

I hope your exams will go well :-)


NB : I learned the entire VH-F2L today :p (not so hard, I agree. mostly intuitive algorithms)

2005/12/13, cmhardw < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask basically what we wanted to do as a group about the
lead position, or group A.  I honestly am willing to devote the time
to any of the activities in our delegation, but I would love to help
direct.  I will have the free time after I graduate (I really do cube
in all of my free time, so it won't be a big change).

However, there is an issue.  On Dec. 19 I am leaving for California to
visit my Grandparents and won't be back until Jan. 6.  During this
time I won't have any access to the internet whatsoever.

In this formative period of team [zb] I don't think it would be good
for me to delegate, simply since I will be absent for roughly three
weeks very shortly.  I will take my laptop with me and analyze cases
and optimize algs while I am gone though.

My question is this, what should we do about the lead position?  I
would love to really be a part of this group and help each of the
groups and try to do all of the group activities we need, but the
truth is that I will be absent for three weeks very soon.

So we need a lead, or preferably more than one in case the other is

I am more than willing to dedicate my time to team [zb] and would love
to do so, but I simply cannot do that until after Jan. 6 next year.

Who else wants to take over in a lead position and make sure the group
is directed in a good direction?

This organization is so awesome, and I am so excited to see us coming
together into a real research team.  I hope everyone has a good
holiday, and in my free time between finals up until I leave I will
try to do as much as I can.  I will only be able to analyze cases and
generate raw algs while on vacation, but after I return I will have
the free time and the ability to fully dedicate myself to our effort.

Let me know what everyone thinks,

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