Waw, the amount of date your computers can provide is huge.
I think the U and T cases will be very well covered.

Btw, I posted the few algs I have on my H cases on http://www.belgiancubes.be/zbll
I'm really not satisfied with most of them (+ some of them are still raw alg just out from ACube or CubeExplorer).

Maybe someone can improve them.


2005/12/20, Doug Lee < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I did a full pass on the U2 cases today on my fastest computer. Could
someone look at those and perhaps see if the ones (half) Chris posted
on his site are among them... or perhaps better ones.

This was to benchmark my computer setup.

It took about 8 hours... I had a second computer also do the same run
to double-check the results (sort of unnecessary).

I posted the results in the files section of this group. I think each
of you should create a folder with your name when you post data like
this. I don't think we'll run out of room here.... it's all text files.

I also posted the 5EO/5EP algs sets... something Mike said he was
interested in. Have a look if you're curious.

I have 3 fairly powerful computers in my apartment (1 seems to beep a
lot when overheated though)... I can spend about 10 hrs (so 1 day) to
do 3 COLL cases.

For the purposes of generating algs, I think inverses should be
counted separately, mirrors together, and PLLs skipped (obviously).
This yields 29 cases by my rough count. (5 T, 5 U, 4 L, 6 S, 5 Pi, 4 H)

Chris has 6.5 of these done. Now that I went through U2 in it's
entirety, that leaves only 22 COLLs. I should be able to do this in
about 11 days. (Keep one computer free for my gaming needs :).)

This is a "quick and dirty double pass," I run them all FTM optimized
with 777 and 431 masking. 431 is many times faster than 777 it turns

Once I take the 16 brand new Dells out of their boxes, set them up and
run have them running ACube... I'm thinking 2.5 days, or 2 days based
on what I'll already have completed.

By getting through all this so fast, I can go back though at a latter
time to work on specific ones, for FUR-type or various sub-opt finds.

I've already started churning out the U3/U4 algs on my 2 fastest
computers. I estimate being 25% done with this COLL. Someone start on
the L-Orientation (minus no CP) if you want to join in on my effort. I
hope you guys are satisfied that me and Chris have the U-Orientation

At the end of this "first quick pass", I'll also do on the T-
Orientations and "no CP ones" just for completeness.


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