> > debug.log is from the AP. This shows that there's an initial start of a
> > conversation, however there's no answer. It appears that it's the only
> > conversation ever started, even though the client logs indicate
> > wpa_supplicant / zd1211rw retry something later on. During this first
> > conversation SoftMAC seems to associate out of the blue. My guess is that
> > this confuses everything "beyond repair".
> softmac associating is not out of the blue - it was requested by
> wpa_supplicant. I think the problem is that wpa_supplicant does SIWESSID
> followed by SIWAP in short succession. This causes softmac to scan for
> networks then associate once (SIWESSID), then scan for networks and
> associate again (SIWAP). After SIWESSID happens, the other end starts
> the WPA EAPOL stuff, but the device doesn't notice that because it is
> too busy scanning the other 10 channels to do the SIWAP association.
> Rather hard to fix properly, if the WE interface is as it seems...

(I forgot to include the list last time so I post this whole now)

I currently haven't got the time to look into any code so I'm making quite a 
few assumptions here.

Are you saying that softmac does the association on behalf of wpa_supplicant ?

I'd expect something like this:
- softmac does authentication and association for open / shared, unencrypted / 
WEP encrypted networks.
- With WPA involved I expect softmac to authenticate, but since the 
association is different I expect wpa_supplicant to associate and inform 
softmac to update its association state once wpa_supplicant is done.

By just looking at the logs it seems either softmac associates on behalf of 
wpa_supplicant not giving wpa_supplicant a chance to do its thing or 
wpa_supplicant fails to do its thing and doesn't report failure to softmac 
leaving softmac to belief we've got an association.

The softmac automatically scans / associates thing feels bad to me. It gives 
me the feeling wpa_supplicant is left out of the equation at some point.
Also the associate once / associate again feels bad, I thought association is 
necessary only once.

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