> Would be interesting to hear how well this works for you now.

A short update:

Linux 2.6.17-rc3, wpa_supplicant 0.4.8 and:
- kernel patch: softmac: add SIOCSIWMLME 
- kernel patch: softmac: make non-operational after being stopped 
- kernel patch: softmac: don't reassociate if user asked for deauthentication 
- kernel patch: softmac: deauthentication implies disassociation 
- driver patch: Hookup SIOCSIWMLME 
- wpa_supplicant patch: Don't associate while associating

To make the thing compile (or to complement "kernel patch: softmac: 
deauthentication implies disassociation" ???) I had to remove the "reason" 
argument in the function definition of "ieee80211softmac_disassoc" in 
If that shouldn't have happened I probably messed up something.

Using wpa_supplicant the association times out every time, I never see the key 
exchange scroll by.

The hostap side of things seem to imply that the zd1211 never sends a reply 
during the 4-way handshake, it gets stuck at the first message:
WPA: event 1 notification
WPA: start authentication
IEEE 802.1X: unauthorizing port
WPA: sending 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake
WPA: event 2 notification
IEEE 802.1X: unauthorizing port

B.T.W. dmesg shows SoftMAC does an Open Authentication and then it says it 
sent an association request followed by an "associated!" message. It gives me 
the impression SoftMAC associates, or tries to, without taking into account 
wpa_supplicant. (probably causing wpa_supplicant to fail to send it's 
reply ???) It seems then another association is tried which then times out.

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