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> Hello
> I have D-link DI-524 with WPA, 2.6.16 kernel, A-Link WL54USB dongle. I am 
> able to connect to the access point and get ip-address through DHCP, but as 
> soon as I try to actually use the connection I get disconnected. The 
> connection works only for a few seconds. I get "disassociated reason 3" and 
> when I look at the access point log file, I see line Disassociated wpa retey 
> [sic] failed. (Should be "retry failed").
> When I ping the connection right after it has been created, I get timeout 
> regularly. The Linux computer is located appr. 5 meters from the access 
> point. I have Windows computer next it, no problems with it. When 
> wpa_supplicant starts to recreate the connection after it has been dropped, 
> the access point seems to be flooded, because Windows machine also looses 
> connection.
> Could anyone help? I'll provide more information if needed. Thanks.

Do you use the vendor or the rewritten (zd1211rw) driver?

It might be useful to add version information of the kernel and
the driver plus a log file.



Uli Kunitz

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