Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
> On 06-09-01 10:24 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have D-link DI-524 with WPA, 2.6.16 kernel, A-Link WL54USB dongle. I am 
>> able to connect to the access point and get ip-address through DHCP, but as 
>> soon as I try to actually use the connection I get disconnected. The 
>> connection works only for a few seconds. I get "disassociated reason 3" and 
>> when I look at the access point log file, I see line Disassociated wpa retey 
>> [sic] failed. (Should be "retry failed").
>> When I ping the connection right after it has been created, I get timeout 
>> regularly. The Linux computer is located appr. 5 meters from the access 
>> point. I have Windows computer next it, no problems with it. When 
>> wpa_supplicant starts to recreate the connection after it has been dropped, 
>> the access point seems to be flooded, because Windows machine also looses 
>> connection.
>> Could anyone help? I'll provide more information if needed. Thanks.
> Do you use the vendor or the rewritten (zd1211rw) driver?
Sorry for the lag, I tried to get the zd1211rw installed, but I failed. 
So I am still using the vendor driver.

> It might be useful to add version information of the kernel
kernel 2.6.16-2-486, Debian

>  and
> the driver 

> plus a log file.
Here's dmesg:

ZD1211B - http://zd1211.ath.cx/ - r83
zd1211:bulk out: wMaxPacketSize = 40
zd1211:bulk in: wMaxPacketSize = 40
zd1211:interrupt in: wMaxPacketSize = 40
zd1211:interrupt in: int_interval = 1
zd1211:bulk out: wMaxPacketSize = 40
zd1211:USB Download Boot code success
zd1211:MAC address = 00:02:72:57:ac:56
zd1211:AddrEntryTable = f7c6
zd1211:RF_Mode = 80000584
zd1211:Pure B-Mode
zd1211:AllowedChannel = 000007ff
zd1211:LinkLEDn = 200
zd1205: (exit) zd1205_config, 
/usr/xxx/wlan/zd1211-driver-r83/src/zd1205.c line 2601
zd1205: (exit) zd1205_init, /usr/xxx/wlan/zd1211-driver-r83/src/zd1205.c 
line 8570
usbcore: registered new driver zd1211b

wpa_supplicant (seems to work) ok, dhclient works ok, but as soon as I 
create network traffic, the connection is dropped within two seconds. I 
get Rx Disasoc from AP(Rsn:3),set DIS_CONNECT_SET and Windows computer 
is dropped off AP as well. AP is DI-524 with the latest firmware.

AP's log says:
Sunday September 03, 2006 13:45:09 Associated: 00-02-72-57-AC-56 st=0
Sunday September 03, 2006 13:45:13 Disassociated: 00-02-72-57-AC-56 
because WPA retey failed
[over and over again]

Any advise what to do?


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