Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some changes ready which enable hardware decryption for receiving 
> encrypted frames in zd1211rw. Hardware encryption (for transmitting) 
> will come after this tested and merged.
> It does need some extra testing though. Specifically:
> - Someone on PPC or another big-endian architecture, incase I screwed up 
> the byte-swapping bit
> - Someone on a WPA TKIP network
> - Someone on a WPA CCMP network
> Any volunteers?
> You need to patch your 2.6.18 kernel with this:
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-netdev&m=115913791123037&w=2
> And then compile this driver release: (don't use the in-kernel one)
> http://dsd.object4.net/zd1211rw-hwdec.tar.gz
> Alternatively just grab the hwdec branch from my git tree.
> Simply test that you don't notice any difference, i.e. you can still 
> receive data from your secured network. It's working nicely for me, 
> using it right now.
> Quick responses appreciated, as the 2.6.19 merge window is already upon 
> us, if we aren't quick this will have to wait until 2.6.20.
> Thanks!
> Daniel

Tested over Apple iBook PPC32 with a zd1211 based dongle on a fresh new
2.6.18 mainline kernel.
Patch applies to kernel and compiles with no problems (without compiling
in-kernel zd1211 driver).
Modules then compiles and are loaded correctly.
The device associates to the AP over a 128bit wep protected network, but
seems unable to send data.
Trying to ping the AP or other clients returns "Destination Host
Dhclient too fails.


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