On Sun, 24 Sep 2006 18:53:41 -0400, Daniel Drake wrote:

> - Someone on a WPA CCMP network
I try it on a WPA CCMP network and it works (I am using it for sending
this reply).

I have a question about mic checking. If I understand correctly the
vendor driver, the hw don't do hw checking and it should be done in
software [1].

But the your 802.11 linux stack change with  host_strip_iv_icv doesn't
seem to do this checking ?

So there no MIC checking in the current driver ?
Will be added in a future version (I will be needed for tx ?) ?


case TKIP:
 bSwCheckMIC=1;// zd1211 always use sw-mic regardless of fragmentation.
#if 0 // zd1211 does not have hw-mic feature.

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