Hi Richard! Remember me?

Richard Hughes wrote:
> SoftMAC: Scanning finished: scanned 11 channels starting with channel 1
> SoftMAC: Queueing Authentication Request to 00:11:95:19:a7:4c
> SoftMAC: Cannot associate without being authenticated, requested
> authentication
> SoftMAC: Sent Authentication Request to 00:11:95:19:a7:4c.
> SoftMAC: Already associating or associated to 00:11:95:19:a7:4c
> SoftMAC: Open Authentication with 00:11:95:19:a7:4c failed, error code:
> 13

This error code comes from the access point - it rejected you. So at 
frame packet transmission/reception at this level seems to be working.

Error code 13 means "Requested authentication algorithm not supported". 
This probably means that the access point requires you to use shared key 
authentication (as opposed to open auth).

I'm not sure how you would set this in networkmanager, but on the 
console you would do:

ifconfig eth2 up
iwconfig eth2 key restricted <KEY HERE>
iwconfig eth2 essid <NETWORK NAME HERE>

Then check dmesg to make sure authentication has completed.

If you have administrative access to the AP you may want to disable 
shared key authentication and go back to open mode. Shared key is really 
  insecure, it basically gives your WEP key away to anyone nearby 
sniffing the network.


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