Richard Hughes wrote:
> The error should probably not have said:
> SoftMAC: Open Authentication with 00;00 failed, error code: 13
> But instead:
> SoftMAC: Open Authentication with 00;00 failed: Requested authentication
> algorithm not supported (try open mode instead of shared key)
> I would happily send a patch for that if you want.

Send a patch to linux-wireless and netdev with me on CC. I'm not sure if 
it will be accepted, as in general printk isn't supposed to be an 
informative error reporting procedure and the user shouldn't be expected 
to look there in this situation.

The correct solution would be to propogate the IEEE 802.11 
authentication frame status field to userspace in some sane fashion.

Also, softmac development is mostly stopped anyway. If you're going to 
hack on this, check out John's wireless-dev.git tree and fix things up 
in d80211/cfg80211 instead :)

> I've no idea why ipw3945 works and zd1211 does not work with "shared
> key" access points, although if it's a design decision it should
> probably be propagated to the user via NetworkManager.

ipw3945 probably handles it in hardware or defaults to some automatic 
mode (i.e. if we receive a challenge inside the authentication response, 
then go into shared key mode and send the encrypted challenge in a 
response). This is debatable as to whether it should be default 
behaviour: it would make things easier for the user in this situation, 
but makes it easy for a malicious user to set up a fake AP and remotely 
retrieve your WEP key without you being aware.


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