On Sun, 5 Aug 2007, Ulrich Kunitz wrote:

> It could very well be that the support for VIA USB host
> controllers is pretty weak in the kernel. I have a VIA-based USB
> 2.0 card in my oldest PC and it is consuming 10% of computation
> time on Linux box.

I heard similar things. However, since USB 2.0/EHCI is standardized, 
that's pretty odd.

Anyways, anyone apart from me running zd1211 on a USB 1.1 system? So far 
the two 1.1 systems I used both had problems with the stick (hiccups every 
some minutes). I got a NEC-based USB 2.0 PCI card now (1033:0035, 
Longshine 8033H, NEC 720100 chipset, EHCI/OHCI) that seems to work 

As a side note, the quest I pursued until recently was adding wifi to a 
AMD K6 machine using some VIA MVP3 board. That's no simple task as all 
wifi PCI cards need PCI 2.2 or later but this chipset doesn't support that 
(will become very unstable with PCI 2.2 cards). Same for USB 2.0 cards - 
all seem to need PCI 2.2. So onboard USB 1.1 was the only option (apart 
from using a standalone router altogether ;-). Well, I got a slightly more 
recent machine now that at least supports PCI 2.2... ;-)


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