Mayne wrote:
> Anyways, anyone apart from me running zd1211 on a USB 1.1 system? So far 
> the two 1.1 systems I used both had problems with the stick (hiccups every 

I had some problems with USB 1.1 on Cirrus EP9315 (ARM, OHCI). After some
experiments, I found some problems in writing to ZD1211 control registers.
After "successfull" write, re-read returns old unchanged value. 

For example:

u32 enc;
int r;

r = zd_set_encryption_type(chip, ENC_SNIFFER); /* ENC_SNIFFER == 8 */
/* Verify r is  zero. */
zd_get_encryption_type(chip, &enc);
/* Now should be 8 (ENC_SNIFFER) in enc variable. But sometimes (5-10%), is
0 (previous default value) here. */

Sometimes, any timeouts (-110) and other problems occurs. I have modified
driver to write/verify/retry-write scheme, and it works. Yes, it is stupid,
but I don't know real cause of this problems and this solution works almost

Take this as hint without guarantee, you may have or not the same problems
caused by USB 1.1. I have very exotic system - our own hardware, with some
known and maybe any unknown HW bugs and zd1211rw driver mixed from 2.6.18
stable kernel, CVS sources and my modifications.

good luck,


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