Mayne wrote:
> Anyways, anyone apart from me running zd1211 on a USB 1.1 system? So far 
> the two 1.1 systems I used both had problems with the stick (hiccups every 
> some minutes). I got a NEC-based USB 2.0 PCI card now (1033:0035, 
> Longshine 8033H, NEC 720100 chipset, EHCI/OHCI) that seems to work 
> perfectly.

Perhaps you could file a kernel bug for this so that we don't forget 
about it. If you want to get ahead, you could try building a USB 2.0 
system without the EHCI module, so that it is forced down to 1.1, and 
see if you can reproduce the problems like that (thats exactly what I'll 
be trying).

The vendor driver prevents 802.11g from being used on USB 1.1 
connections. We have no such restriction in zd1211rw as we thought it is 
probably meaningless. However, we may have been wrong :)


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