Mark Ryden wrote:
> Hello,
>> Here is a passage from around line 236 of zd_mac.c:
> 1) At which tree are you  you looking ?
> I have the wireless-next-2.6 .git tree (updated as true for today).
> There is no such comment in this file

Sorry, quoted the wrong file - it is zd_usb.c -
I had wireless-testing, but that paragraph is in wireless-next-2.6

> 2)
>> I am going to make myself very unpopular
> This is indeed so. Why should I not use the new driver ?
> this firmware question  should be solved; it has nothing to do with
> the new AD-HOC feature, which was added recently.

"Because it doesn't work for your device"? That paragraph seems
to suggest that a solution to your problem is in the vendor driver
but is considered to ugly to copy. There is a clean
driver which does not work for your device, or an ugly driver
which does, but not one that is both clean and work for your device
(at the moment).

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