Hin-Tak Leung wrote:
> "Because it doesn't work for your device"? That paragraph seems
> to suggest that a solution to your problem is in the vendor driver
> but is considered to ugly to copy. There is a clean
> driver which does not work for your device, or an ugly driver
> which does, but not one that is both clean and work for your device
> (at the moment).

Let's not jump to conclusions here.. nobody said the vendor driver works.

I personally think it is unlikely that the code in question has anything 
to do with this problem. You seem to have only reached that conclusion 
based on the presence of the "mismatch" message, which harmlessly 
appears for the majority of zd1211 devices. Also, in theory, what the 
vendor driver is doing that we don't is completely irrelevant since we 
don't do any version checking beyond that point.


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