Your system seems to be working in the beginning, you were just missing the 
authentication credentials (ESSID, passphases) - clicking the network manager 
applet icon should give you a few boxes to fill them in. Then you f*cked it up 
by installing ndiswrapper. If you use ndiswrapper you should go to the 
ndiswrapper mailing list.

It is quite in-appropriate to ask somebody to read a 5-page web exchange. I 
lost patience after the first one.

--- On Wed, 11/2/09, Redeye <> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Can someone with some knowledge help me please, ive now
> been told to use
> lenny, however i think were sooo close to sorting out  usb
> wifi card that
> uses zd1211 that i would love someone with some knowledge
> to spend 5 mins
> havin a read please.
> here is the post


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