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> Rather than just going ahead and doing that, I went out of
> my way to find
> the developers, join the mailing list and asked for a
> little help, then
> received your response.  To say that i am taken back by
> your comments is an
> understatement, so much for me trying to get some positive
> input and
> re-writing the zd1211 wiki for ubuntu 8.1 so that no other
> users would face
> similair problems.

It is still very inappropriate to ask somebody else to read pages and apges of 
post X to post Y. If you have a problem, state your problem concisely, states 
the steps you have taken, not ask others to go out of their way, do some 
homework, to help you. You have about 5 minutes of the attention of somebody 
who may be able to help you, and that's it. You do not waste that 5 minutes.

The fact is, mailing list works very differently from personal e-mails - no 
body cares about your personal problems, however big it is to you - if by the 
end of reading of your post, it is still not clear what sort of problem you 
have and what you are talking about, most people will simply skip your post. 
All the background stuff you wrote is irrelevant. There is no useful 
information in your post to help you further. 


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