Your system seems to be working in the beginning, you were just missing the
authentication credentials (ESSID, passphases) - clicking the network
manager applet icon should give you a few boxes to fill them in. Then you
f*cked it up by installing ndiswrapper. If you use ndiswrapper you should go
to the ndiswrapper mailing list.

It is quite in-appropriate to ask somebody to read a 5-page web exchange. I
lost patience after the first one.

Hi There Hin-Tak Leung

You seemed to have missed the very first line in the very first post.
EDIT: 2nd page post 16 is starting from scratch again with a clean install,
please pick this up from there.

I am guessing you were quite busy as there isnt 5 pages either. There is 4
pages with 1 post only on page 4.  The only bits that would interest you
would be posts 16-26 which is where i am then advised to use Lenny. So yes i
would appreciate it if you could read 10 posts.

I did add essid etc in network manager for wireless, however if you have a
look at those posts wlan0 wouldnt ifup due to Ignoring unknown interface

I have been asked by a moderator of the networking forum to get hold of the
folk that own the wiki doc list and set every card that uses the zd1211 to
Does Not Work In Ubuntu 8.1 Status.

Rather than just going ahead and doing that, I went out of my way to find
the developers, join the mailing list and asked for a little help, then
received your response.  To say that i am taken back by your comments is an
understatement, so much for me trying to get some positive input and
re-writing the zd1211 wiki for ubuntu 8.1 so that no other users would face
similair problems.

So is there anychance that either yourself or someone else can attempt to
get this working, or would you like me to go ahead and set the hundreds of
cards to do not work status for ubuntu 8.1? Please can we keep this positive
and constructive from now on. I thought i was helping you.

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