It is still very inappropriate to ask somebody else to read pages and apges
of post X to post Y. If you have a problem, state your problem concisely,
states the steps you have taken, not ask others to go out of their way, do
some homework, to help you. You have about 5 minutes of the attention of
somebody who may be able to help you, and that's it. You do not waste that 5

The fact is, mailing list works very differently from personal e-mails - no
body cares about your personal problems, however big it is to you - if by
the end of reading of your post, it is still not clear what sort of problem
you have and what you are talking about, most people will simply skip your
post. All the background stuff you wrote is irrelevant. There is no useful
information in your post to help you further. 

Hi again,

Well i totally apologise for trying to provide you with factual information
regarding what ubuntu is reporting hardware and driver wise. Please dont
forget i am not just concerned about my personal problem, i was concerned to
the fact that there are hundreds of cards running zd1211 and i was asked to
set them all to do not work with Ubuntu 8.1, which would affect lots of

I am unsure how to put this concisely without providing this information to
you, however i will try.

Wireless is not showing in network icon and querying the hardware the os can
see the card, however it seems the driver is not installed corectly. 
Synaptic is showing that zd1211 source is not active

Sparklan WUBZ-103 shows as Fiberline WL-430U which uses the zd1211 driver.
sudo ifup wlan0 resulted in Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0.

I was told that i need the zd1211-firmware but apt-get cannot get it with
all repo's ticked as it is moved or obselete. 
downlaoding and installing from
errors out.

I really hope that helps. Thats about as short as i can make it.  Im not
trying to get on your nerves.
Best Regards
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