Le lundi 01 février 2010 à 23:36 +0100, Benoit PAPILLAULT a écrit :
> julien cubizolles a écrit :
> > Le lundi 01 février 2010 à 18:44 +0100, Benoit PAPILLAULT a écrit :
> >
> >   
> >> What is the size of your file?
> >>     
> > around 1Go
> >
> >   
> >>  Do you experiment the same issue with scp?
> >>     
> > No problem with scp.

I just noticed that the problem exists also when using bittorrent, when
the upload speed gets too high. 

> The best would be to have another PC with a wireless card in monitor 
> mode and only capture beacon frames. But I don't know exactly how to do 
> that...

Anybody has an idea ? Or a way to at least limit this problem. I'm
getting fed up to use a USB key to transfer files...


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