Barak Allah feek brother SR for this comprehensive list and will in sha Allah 
make use of it in the future.

Just to add that the ROOT database used by, and is taken directly from which was compiled done by 
them may Allah bless them, tanzil's team and zekr's team, and all those serving 
and studying the Book of Allah swt.

Until I found, no Quran software gave me the exact number of 
occurrences of the word "Allah" plus its derivatives while DID. 
Initially however I trusted QuranCode over theirs and set about finding the 
mismatches, only to find that all false-positives were my mistakes. Attached is 
the findings and here is the summary:

The word "Allah" is found 2265 times, while the word "Allah" in all its forms 
(including "Lillah" and its forms) is found 2816. Currently, this count 
excludes the word "ilaah" (any god) and all its forms even if refers to Allah 
swt (e.g. 2:163 والهكم), so maybe in the future I will in sha Allah add that 
too unless someone objects.

Here are the False Positives:
Address Word
2:16    الضللة
2:175   الضللة
4:44    الضللة
4:12    كللة
4:176   الكللة
6:39    يضلله
7:30    الضللة
7:61    ضللة
13:15   وظللهم
16:36   الضللة
16:48   ظلله
17:91   خللها
18:33   خللهما
19:75   الضللة
23:12   سللة
24:43   خلله
27:61   خللها
30:48   خلله
32:8    سللة
62:11   اللهو
76:14   ظللها
77:31   اللهب
92:12   للهدى

Never trusted a computer over a human.



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I do n ot have any xml file for hadith. but in the site 
there are lots of hadith and hadith books. 

Also the Noor So ft (you can contact or info @ ) 
have lots of them and usually the y provide their sources for open source 
projects if they receive a n official letter asking it. please make it clear 
what you needs. 

Noor Soft has two software for Shia Hadith books: 

a software with full text of 69 Shia tafsir in 498 volumes from this wonderful 
foundation: "Noor Jami` al-Tafasir" 

also a software of 426 Shia Hadith book in 1142 volumes. 

but online and also English there is very limited: 
3 Shia tafsir: 

1- tafsir Almizan 

by great scholar, philosopher, poet, Arif Allameh Tabatabaei: 

2- Pooya/M.A. Ali Engl. Commentary: 

3- Tafsir Noor 
by great Ayatollah Makarim 

old Shia Hadith reference books: 
the Kafi book alone has more hadith than all 6 main sunni hadith books. ( a collection of sayings of Imam sajjad (sa) the 5th 
infallible) has near 3000 of best Shia Books. 

On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 3:15 AM, Ali Adams < > wrote: 

Salam and God bless you too brother, 

I don't have other xml files brother and I tried to format the Arabic 
NahjAlBalagha in HyperBook xml format but was too difficult so I gave up 

I don't know if brother S R Ahmadi has any hadith books in xml. 

Are you using the HyperBook format or just plain xml? 

Thank you and may Allah bless us all with the ARRIVAL of Imam Al-Mehdi (as) 
sooner than we think. 



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God bless you !!! Can you please send me Hadith Books in xml format too ? I am 
developing an app for windows phone .. And i am using ur quran and Nahjul 
Balagha xml files in my app too! .. Keep it up .. Thankyou! 

On Sunday, May 13, 2012 9:09:21 AM UTC+5, wrote: 

Salam Brothers, 

Al-hamdu liAllah, and t hanks to Alah and brother S R Ahmadi, the English 
version of Nahjul-Balagha is available for download at 

Search by exact text, word proximity (so words appear in any order anywhere in 
the paragraph), and similarity text search are all supported. 

In sha Allah will soon start working on the Arabic version to convert it into 
XML HyperBook format. Id anyone has it in any xml format then please email it 
to me to save few weeks of work in sha Allah. 




کل نفس ذائقة الموت 

تمام خودها چشنده مرگ هستند 
آنچه آمدني است نزديک است 

all self is taster of death 
what is coming is near 

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Word       Count     Error     Word       Count     


'DDG       2265              DDG 116 

!'DDG     2            'D6DD)   6     -6

'('DDG   1            'DCDD)   1     -1

'DDG(     1     -1   .DDG       2     -2

'DDGE     5            .DDG'     2     -2

'DDGH     1     -1   .DDGE'   1     -1

('DDG     139        3DD)       2     -2

*'DDG     8            6DD)       1     -1

A'DDG     6            8DDG       1     -1

H'DDG     240        8DDG'     1     -1

H*'DDG   1            ADDG       6     

                     CDD)       1     -1

                     DDG/I     1     -1

                     H8DDGE   1     -1

                     HDDG       27   

                     J6DDG     1     -1


Sum 2669       -2   Sum 170 -21


Allah+   2667              Lillah+ 149


Total            2816                     


Non-Allah Words


Address Word


2:16       'D6DD)

2:175     'D6DD)

4:44       'D6DD)

4:12       CDD)

4:176     'DCDD)

6:39       J6DDG

7:30       'D6DD)

7:61       6DD)

13:15     H8DDGE

16:36     'D6DD)

16:48     8DDG

17:91     .DDG'

18:33     .DDGE'

19:75     'D6DD)

23:12     3DD)

24:43     .DDG

27:61     .DDG'

30:48     .DDG

32:8       3DD)

62:11     'DDGH

76:14     8DDG'

77:31     'DDG(

92:12     DDG/I


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