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> From: "Sodaiho-roshi" < I see religious leaders, political leaders, 
> teachers, boy and giirl scout leaders all going nuts in enraged 
> What's a good Buddhist to do?
> That is really shocking to me. That people like Pat Robertson call 
for the
> assassination of elected leaders of other nations, and that people 
> positions of power have a laissez faire attitude that they are 
going to take
> whatever actions they need to succeed (such at the torture of 
> Iraqi grunts who have very little secret information); secret 
monitoring of
> Americans communications with any foreigners; forcing another 
> people to adopt Democracy (gee, isn't that like fighting for peace; 
> killing to preserve life?)
> Somewhere the concept of Democracy and the Bill of Rights seems to 
have been
> washed down the drain.

It's a real test of patience and equinimity for sure.  The best thing 
I have kept in mind is what I remember from Thich Nhah Hahn.  He said 
that people are not our enemy, but ignorance, hatred, etc. are the 

Think of how anger feels - not good.  This was both a revelation and 
a "duh!" moment for me when I read it - "The angry person suffers."  
We have a lot of angry, ignorant people in government and as 
religious leaders.  Realize that these people are suffering from an 
affliction and we should feel compassion for them.

Easier said than done!  I want to bash Pat Robertson's head in 
sometimes.  But I sit with my anger and look at it and learn from it 
and try my best to overcome it with compassion. It's a continuous 
process.  Not something I can just do once and be done.

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