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> From: "dkotschessa" <"The angry person suffers." We have a lot of 
> ignorant people in government and as religious leaders.  Realize 
that these
> people are suffering from an affliction and we should feel 
compassion for
> them.
> >
> I think that these are greedy, cynical people who are all profiting
> massively from their actions. GW Bush's family owns massive amounts 
of Oil
> stocks, and Cheney & his friends own a ton of Halliburton. The war 
> pushed Oil stocks through the roof, and Halliburton has earned 
billions from
> the Bush award of contracts for civilian services in Iraq (and New 
> after Hurricane Katrina).
> It is not anger, IMHO. It is corruption and betrayal of the American
> taxpayer. Meanwhile Pat Robertson is catering to his audience, and 
> believes that his crazy remarks will increase donations, so he 
keeps making
> them. No doubt if his supporters stopped sending money then 
Robertson would
> change his tune. None of those folks is angry. They are all 
> and they seem to be addicted to power and making more money.

I agree with you, but I still think there is a lot of anger in what 
they are doing.  When W. speaks, look at how the people react.  Look 
at how they cheer and applaud when he talks about bringing people "to 
justice." (i.e. killing them)  On the surface is corruption and 
greed, but I sense an underlying current of anger and rage which 
these people feel justifies their actions.   

But regardless of what we're calling the affliction - greed, anger, 
corruption.  My point is that the way to "love our enemies" is to 
view the affliction as the "enemy" rather then the people.  Like I 
said - easier said than done.


"hate never dispelled hate
only love dispelled hate
this is the law
ancient and inexhaustible" - The Big B Man

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