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> Thank you so much for the advice.  I'm putting "sitting" into 
action.    I remembered Wu-Wei today.   I tried for the first time.  
It was a little difficult, because a lot of my friends are very 
controlling.   I went with the flow as best as i could.  It was 
really interesting,  I wanted to interfere at every turn.  However, 
when I felt the impulse arise,  I retreated.  What a good 
>   Question:  How can I eliminate clinging?    I find that when I 
have a good time with friends,  I just want to repeat the experience 
over and over.    That seems impossible.  
>   Lately,  I've noticed myself behaving that way, with my uni 
friends.   I kept trying-overtrying-to repeat the experiences had, 
but I wasn't able.   And, when I wasn't able,   I became frustrated, 
irritated and glum.   So, Friday,  I decided to let-go.   I let the 
cell-phone alone,  I didn't email, or txt msg.  I just sat.   
Intially,  I had to will myself to sit,  I kept wanting to jump up, 
grab the phone, and msg   But,  I managed through and kept on 
sitting.  You know what?   It felt good.  My head felt lighter, and 
things seemed clearer.  My friends were understanding too.
>   Feedback?

I don't think there's anything to do but keep practicing, keep 
sitting, keep being mindful, no matter what.  When it's hard and when 
it's easy, when things are going well and when they are not, when 
you're tired and lazy and when you're pissed off, and when you've 
said a lot of stupid things that day, when you've been acting all "un-
zen" and made a fool out of yourself, when you can't focus, and when 
things are going so well it feels like there's no need for it... 
That's the hardest one sometimes.  

How to eliminate clinging? Don't cling!  Is that letting go?  Nah, 
forget that too.  :)

-David the unzen

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