Thank you, Rodney. Thank you deeply, for your response :-). Thank you
for sharing your path.

The analogy of "the other shore" is most useful to me. Reminds me of
one of my favorite poems:

A long time ago
I went on a journey
Right to the corner
Of the eastern ocean.
The road there
Was long and winding,
And stormy waves
Barred my path.
What made me
Go this way?

  - T'ao Chi'ien (372-427 AD)

I googled the "Abhidharmakosa" and came up with a translation for the
first chapter. Does anyone know if the rest of it's available
elsewhere, or more importantly a translation with commentary?

I've been "just sitting" on and off for over 10 years. I just joined a
sangha and began studying the dharmas last fall. I have been reading
"What the Buddha Taught" and I google stuff that people mention on
this forum. The dharma lists I posted were random.

As an artist and free thinker, I tend to be rather curious in many
directions, all at once :-) I also study and practice yoga and some
shamanic journey work, and read physics, scifi, and self-help books as
part of my "spiritual" practice.  Focusing on "what's important" is
constant effort for me. And, so far, "just sit" has led me to more
ideas and studies, rather than less.

What a tangle! But, also what enjoyment! My zafu is more like a bubble
machine than a stone!


On 6/20/06, ryhorikawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  "There's a famous Japanese Zen saying: "Before a person studies Zen, 
> moutains are mountains and waters are waters. After satori, mountains are 
> mountains and waters are waters". The first is from the perspective of "this 
> shore"; the latter from the perspective of "the other shore". Between the two 
> is an epic journey. The message from the plaque hanging in the meditation 
> hall is what beckons from "the other shore". Certainly, when we have 
> "reached" the "other shore" there are no shores, no reaching, no journey ... 
> But it is ridiculous for us to posture ourselves as "being there" when we're 
> not. "
>  WIth that, we went back to the task at hand of studying the list of the
> dharmas.
>  Speaking of which, in one of your previous emails you asked for info on a
> bunch of
>  dharma lists. Where did these dharma lists from? It might be from the
> Abhidharmakosa. If
>  you still want the info, some of us might be able to toss things back your
> way if we had
>  more to go on.

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