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I have checked with Taiwan.  I am sorry to inform you that our groupd don't have any facility or teacher in Thailand.  However if you do have an opportunity to travel to Taiwan, I will make arrangement for you to visit two or three different Chan Schools.

We are Taiwan Zen Buddhist Association.  We have about 50 meditation centers in Taiwan.  A few do speak English.  The largest one can sit 2,200 people.

We are about to launch an English website, when that is ready, I will notify you.


Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Thursday, June 22 donald hwong (JMJM) wrote:

[JMJM...]After BodhiDharma brought the "teaching without words and
formalities" to China, this Buddhist teaching is slowly mixed with the
Daoiest teaching, which states, "Any description of path is not the path." 
This mix is then called Chan. then brought to Japan 600 years later and
prounced Zen. We noticed this not only in the teaching of the Third
Patriarch, also in the difference of chakra positions and the related
Chi(Qi) channels of Indian and Daoiest practices. Dao, as you know is the
origin of accupuncture, herbal medicine, etc. ...balance snipped...

Thanks for the informative post. I enjoyed reading it. I too believe zen
evolved from a mix of Indian Buddhism and Chinese Taoism. I also think the
style of zen we primarily see in the West has been heavily influenced
Japanese culture. Korean zen is also now taking a firm hold in the West and
it does have some refreshing differences. I personally haven't encountered
any Chinese-style ch'an teachers. I would like to meet and talk with one.

I live in Thailand. Do you or anyone else on the Forum know of any
zen/ch'an teachers here?


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