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> Ian..
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> >> It's a "stretch" all right. I find the "Buddhism teaches the same
> >> thing as Christianity" idea an exercise in political correctness
> >that
> >> is corrosive to the teachings in both traditions. They get 
> >> down to the least common denomonator. I think we should just let
> >> each tradition speak for itself.
> >>
> >> Ian
> DaveK
> >I think your viewpoint is unfortunate.
> For a change, I agree with both of you.

Apologies for being presumptuous, but it appears you are saying this 
to appear diplomatic.  Do you think I am corrupting Buddhism and 
Christianity out of some need to be politically correct?  I can not 
see how you could hold this opinion at the same time as the one 
you've expressed below. 

> I think by earnestly following the teachings of both Christianity 
> Buddhism (and perhaps in fact most religions) you will eventually 
arrive at
> the same place.
> Their teaching concepts and methods are different, sometimes even
> contradictory; but I cannot help but think the fundamental 
realization of
> their founders (in this case Jesus and Buddha) were the same.  This 
> because that fundamental realization is a universal human (sentient 
> attribute and available to all.
> This is what I want to believe anyway.
> ..Bill!

"The truth is one, the sages call it by many names." Say the Hindu 
something or other's.

It's just different language to say the same thing.  I happen to 
believe the language of Christianity is less direct, and leads a lot 
of people astray, following abstractions rather than following 
skillful actions.  But by looking at all the traditions that are out 
there, the common thread emerges, and you can see what was intended.

Their realization was the same, but Jesus had to express his 
realization in the theology he had available to him at the time, 
which was the Old Testament.  

Remember the phrase "all sentient beings" and consider carefully what 
that means.  That means everybody.  Everybody is everybody.  Lots of 
people, isn't it?  They're not all going to convert to Buddhism.  So 
what's a Bodhisattva to do?  We could start a Dharma-Jihad and try to 
convert everybody to Buddhism.  Wanna start a new organization of 
Buddhist fundamentalists and start blowing stuff up?  

I prefer to find the common ground and break down the barriers of 
communication, get over all the pointless bitterness and 
divisiveness, and get over ourselves.  It's much slower than a Jihad 
but that's my choice.


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