If you feel lost and need a community of people where you feel
comfortable, then it's best to join a club.  I'm not trying to be flip
here, I don't mean it that way.  It's important for us to be with people
who have like-minds and like-experiences where we are comfortable and
feel like we can just be 'ourselves' with no judgement.  But, it sounds
like you're looking to Zen for your social needs.  That's not what Zen
is for.  Zen clears away all of that and gets us to our core - where we
are all one.

The useful sanghas I have been involved with in the past - groups of
folks studying in homes, groups using community buildings and Zen
Temples - had one thing in common, and that's that the people involved
had nothing in common, except a desire to shed all the BS and become

My two cents...

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