In 'my school' there is no serious attempt to define zen.  The purest
approach would be to not even try to talk directly about zen, or even
acknowledge there is such a thing as 'zen'.  As soon as you open your mouth
you're lost, and the more you talk the farther away from zen you get.   But
I haven't figured out how to communicate at that level on a text-based web
forum, so I continue to post.


Gay/straight, Black/White, etc., are not manifestations of the universe;
they are manifestations of your mind and as such are illusory.  

And yes, gay/straight, Black/White illusions do plague many people - maybe
all people.  Zen meditation helps dissolve these illusions or at least helps
you recognize them as illusory.  When you understand they are illusions you
are then free to move in and out, around and through, with and without them
as situations require.


All of this is however very academic and probably not really very helpful to
Curt who started this thread.  To EXPERIENCE this you need to sit (perform
zen meditation - zazen).  A good way to learn how to do zazen is to join a
sangha (community) that has a good teacher who can help you get started. 
Curt's initial posting indicated he was looking for a 'gay' sangha,
presumably believing he would feel more comfortable in a gay community than
a heterosexual or mixed community.  I was merely trying to point out that
zen itself does not recognize and certainly does not encourage these kinds
of classifications.  And I also have a personal opinion that 'comfortable'
is not a good pre-requisite or requirement for zen practice.


I do hope Curt does find a suitable sangha.  I did see someone suggested a
group in the Washington, DC area (I think).  I encourage Curt to contact
that sangha even if it's not in his area and talk to them about his
interests and concerns, and hope he gets started in (or continues) his zen
practice soon.




Donald Hwong wrote:

There is another way to look at it.  In our school, Zen is defined as the
life force and wisdom of the universe.

Therefore, gay/straight, Black/White, male/female are all manifestations of
the universe and of Zen.  They are all parts of the whole and
interdependent. To accept Zen and be one with the One is to accpet them all.


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