*bow* to you from another Shao Lin Chan practitioner.

As you know, Communist dispersed all the monks in Shao Lin except the martial 
art practitioners. Fortunately, the Shao Lin Sitting Chan flurished in Taiwan.

Several years ago, my Master from Taiwan was invited to teach in Shao Lin of 
Sitting Chan.

On our website, you shall find 3 of the 36 Motion Zen taught by Bodhidharma.  I 
wonder how similar are they to your practice. These practices are for the 
preparation of Sitting Chan only.

Our Sitting Chan practice is here.

Welcome and a bow,

Zen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  *bow*
 Greetings everyone. I am new here. Thank you to the mod. for 
 allowing me to join. I was asked to do an intro.
 I am called Zen on-line ( and off at times ) for several reasons I 
 will not bore you with.
 I come to the Philosophy of Zen via Shaolin Chan. I am a teacher in 
 the Shaolin Arts. (Northern Shaolin Tai Chi Praying Mantis, Chi 
 Gong) It is interesting there is a picture of Carridine in your 
 files. My Sifu(teacher)is also his teacher in real life. His coach 
 is a classmate of mine. It is amazing how many spirits his TV 
 persona touched.
 I have been involved with the philosophical aspects of Zen for many 
 years. More with the mind and spirit of "zen" than doing zazen. My 
 Sifu said many times, "one should not have to stare at a wall to 
 have and carry peace within them" It has been our way/goal to carry 
 the mind state of Tai Chi whilst going about everyday life.
 Within Chi Gong/Shaolin study we have several positions of 
 meditation. It is understandable how the Shaolin arts are physical 
 zen or some call a moving meditation. One of our tai chi drills is 
 very very close to Zen walking meditation. Mindfullness is a way of 
 life. In fact, those of us you have been in the art for more than 
 fighting understand is is a way of peace and a way of life.
 I have a classmate who refers to it as a way of love. Do to the 
 respect and compassion for all things, we understand our connection 
 with all things.
 I am a beginner, the more I know, the more I know I do not know, I 
 am here seeking or more so following the Tao that has presented 
 itself to me more so in the last few years. The more I am open to it 
 the more I learn my path is long. This is one step of many on a 
 perhaps endless trail. Therefore to me more about the journey than 
 the destination.
 I have found that many of my students who attend my classes are 
 there for more than a way of combat. If fact I insist on it. Those 
 who are not are sent away. Yet I feel lacking my Tao or Dhrama 
 teaching skills I guess you could say. I am here is learn, I am on 
 the path to prepare myself for my teacher. I am here as a student to 
 be a better teacher.
 I have been getting further instruction in Zazen at a couple of 
 local centers, but not not feel as though they are "home". More of 
 rest stops or a side of the road shrine.
 I have a small blog is anyone is interested in my simple life and 
 pursuit of wisdom and adventures in the Tao. 
 Also a sailing blog where at times I shared a bit my brief insight 
 to the the Art of Zen/Tai Chi/Feng Shui/Kung Fu and sailing.
 Thank you for allowing me this space and your time spent reading.
 I hope to contribute to this site in what way I can with my limited 
 knowedge. I'm am sure to learn more than I give, forgive me if I am 
 off times simply reading.
 My respects to all. I am honored to be here.

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