I attended my first Zen sitting this Sunday in Charlotte, NC. I could not 
keep concentration, my right leg fell completely asleep, my arms and back 
started to give me a fit and my butt ended up killing me. I could not remember 
when to gasho or how to effectivly do Kinhin. However, amidst all of that I had 
a wonderful time. The people were great and nice. We had a very lovely dharma 
talk. And what is more: when I was most uncomfortable in my sitting I found the 
strength to continue, even though it was so distracting. I am a real quitter, 
but the atmosphere and the dedication of the people kept me going. It has truly 
strengthened me in my endeavor to realize true mind. I look forward to next 
Sunday's sitting. 
  May we all be well,
  and may we all be happy,

Mayka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          Friends you seems so solemn and strict in your all practice that you 
have nothing to share!. 
Love from


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