Thanks for your response.


What do you believe is the difference between 'aspiration' and 'desire'?
Or, if you'd prefer not try to explain the contrast, what do you mean when
you say 'aspiration'?




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> Mayka,
> I have no aspirations.
> I arise when I wake. I eat when I'm hungry. I pick up litter when 
I see
> it. I comfort others when I feel their pain. I sleep when I'm 
> That is enough for me.
> .Bill! 
Dear Bill:

What you do is very well done. But perhaps you missed out the real 
meaning of having an aspiration. Having an aspiration it is not 
exactly the same as havind a desire. It has been noticeable to me 
that some Americans Soto Tradition practicioners understand the words 
of having an Noble Aspiration and desire as these two words had the 
same meaning. I would like to clarify that they don't. Having a 
noble aspiration is free from desire. And therefore your answer is 
not applicable to question previusly made. Howeve, it doesn't mean 
in any way that your answer is wrong about what you are doing. It 
only means that your experience is different to my experience. 
That's all.

Thank for your feedback and sharing.

Peace and wellbeing


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