What does "seriously" or "nasty" mean?  How about "more seriously" or "less seriously" or "nastier".

Adjectives as such are but relative terms in a human language, which are but forms of our conscious mind.

None of these words means anything when we sit down and shut up.

Even sit down and shut up are just the beginning......

Smile, you are on candid camera.....

Bill Smart wrote:

The whole point of this thread was to suggest people just LIGHTEN UP
about the Zen Forum.

It's just a forum. It's like going down to your local public park,
sitting on a bench with 5 or 6 strangers, and engaging in a
discussion about football, or the NBA, or politics, or zen. In fact
an internet forum is less favorable than that since you can't even
see the people you're talking to, and it's not an immediate, real-
time conversation.

If you find some information on here that's useful to you – good! If
you think you can contribute something – good! If you want to make a
joke about something – good! If you want to argue with someone about
their statements and call them out on them – fine! If, however, you
want to denigrate or hurt someone – then that's bad.

Zen is full of stories about zen masters saying things that could be
interpreted as `mocking' the person or the practice. How about `If
you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!'? Or describing Buddha
mind as `Shit on a stick'. Those could certainly be considered
mocking – and in fact they are mocking. They're mocking the apparent
fact that the other person has some preconceived ideas about Buddha,
or Buddha mind or zen, that is probably interfering with their
practice. They are said, however, not to denigrate or to hurt the
other person, but to WAKE THEM UP!

Unfortunately most of us, certainly including me, on this forum are
not skillful enough to use mocking words like that successfully all
the time. But, we try. Think of it like trying to tell a joke that
doesn't make anyone laugh. It's not a big deal. Besides, the only
thing you have to loose is your ego.

You can take your zen practice seriously without taking the Zen Forum
and everything that's posted on it seriously.


--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ps.com, "Al" <actionheroes@...> wrote:
> From: "cid830" <And to Al... I feel you have mocked the practice in
> postings,
> if I am wrong, I do apologize.>>
> Who made you the Pope of Zen? Am I being excommunicated? Are you
the person
> that sent me the nasty email about a week ago?


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