You could try and write a poem. You could start with, "There was an old man 
called Bill who.." etc etc.

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                               Donald 
 You're right, of course, and I wrestle with this each time I sit down 
 to write a post - how can I best express my buddha nature in this 
 The problem is that this forum is a words-based forum, and zen is not 
 best communicated via words.  Worse than that it's a text-base forum.  
 The fact is that if you want to communcate via this forum you must use 
 words and text.
 So, I could, as you suggest, just 'sit down and shut up', and that 
 would indeed be a great way for me to express my buddha nature, but 
 that doesn't allow any communication via this forum.
 It's certainly a challenge, and a fun one!

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