Hi Pandabananasock,

Yes, our school has very clear, strict, formed way to initiate anyone onto this path of Chan.  It takes about three years to finish the first stage of Chi cultivation, then after that, the practice becomes a formless one by applying what we cultivated in the previous three years into our everyday life.  The first three years is to cleans our body, the second three years is to cleans our mind.  This six year period is what our Teacher called the Purification Process. These are average time line and they vary depending on the practitioner.

There are four stages in total - Purification, Wisdom, Consummation, Enlightenment.  The progress of the remaining three stages is really dependent on the practitioner.

The first objective is to cultivate our Chi so that we become healthier, more alert and exceptionally objective.  The ultimate objective is to enable us to sync our Chi with that of the universe. 

We begin by doing three month of belly breathing.  http://www.heartchan.org/content/view/33/41/

It is not hard.  Some even think it is simple.  Diligence is what's needed. 

Our Teacher said, "Just sitting without Chi is withered Zen. It is lifeless."

Let me know if you have any question.

pandabananasock wrote:

Maybe you would like to share details of your practice/routine (?) You seem to have very
definite ideas of your practice's inspirations and roles in life/advancement.

How do you do that voodoo that you do?

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ps.com, Jue Miao Jing Ming - 覺妙精明
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]..> wrote:
> As Chan practitioners, we practice to detach ourselves from all forms,
> because all forms are transient, impermanent and empty by nature.
> When we see all forms as emptiness, then we see true form. The true
> form mentioned here in Diamond Sutra is the universal life force and wisdom.
> When we walked into Costco, do we see every merchandise just as shapes,
> colors and sizes?
> When we watch TV, can we switch it off at any moment? Or turn it on and
> begin to watch it from anywhere in the middle?
> When we talk or write, can we stop in the middle of our sentence without
> insisting to finish? Can we wait until others finish theirs?
> These are all but forms. Their only values are relative to each being
> at each moment, and are all but result of some causes and caused by
> generations of other causes.
> When we begin to sync with the universal life force, we could be still
> and unaffected by forms. As our synchronicity improve we could begin to
> realize the true nature of forms. Then we could sync to current moment
> which are the causes of future forms.
> Liberation begins by detaching from all forms. It begins by detaching
> from knowledges, languages, logic......
> Be present beyond forms. Sync to the life force at every moment.
> It is not hard to witness, just practice. Begin the practice with deep
> belly breathing...
> JM


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