Bill and Chuck,
"Wash your bowls" is as good as any non-logical statement, I guess. However, 
`ordinary mind is the Way` seems to allow for logic to be used as a means to 
showing the Truth. Furthermore, the gates to the Dharma are "countless" which 
also seems to imply that nothing (including logic/knowledge/science) should be 
rejected as a means to illustrating the Truth. Indeed, the Buddhist sutras use 
many logical statements/stories to point to the Way. That`s why I prefer the 
Zen `method` of asking someone a logical question and just before they give an 
answer cup your hand over their mouth. I think the space/silence just before we 
speak transcends logic and directly connects us to our Original Face. In a 
nutshell, I believe this is what (somewhat) separates Zen from Buddhism - the 
direct over the (sometimes) conceptual. Mike.

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