Hi Bill,

I agree with your description of the two practices. Yes, I do differentiate 
non-grasping and repressing or avoidance, although when I find myself avoiding 
something I will sometimes label it as such - "avoidance" - and then let go of 
that internal process.

I am new to the conceptual practices of Zen, so ideas such as "non-verbal 
transmission" are still above my head. Maybe some things Zen will always be 
"above my head." Thanks for your input.


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Sean,  Sorry for the tardy reply, but I did not get your posting via 
email as I normally do.  I logged into the site today and saw your post.

I am not an expert in Vipassana, but I do live in Thailand where 
Vipassana is widely practiced and have spent a short time at a 
Vipassana training center and believe I do have some knowledge of it 
and its teachings.

Your description of Vipassana meditation, '...sitting and not grasping 
any thoughts, emotions, experience, etc,...', is also completely 
applicable to zazen.  I think it is important, however, to emphasis 
that 'not grasping' does not mean 'rejecting' or 'avoiding'.  'Not 
grasping' means 'not holding onto', or 'not forming attachments to' 
thoughts, emotions, experience, etc...

>From my experiences and observations the major differences between 
Vispanna and zen are in the rites and rituals, rather than the 
meditation.  Also, as far as I can tell Vipassana does not recognize 
mind-to-mind (non-verbal) transmission which goes to the core of zen 

Hope this helps.  Let me know what you thnk.




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