Agreed, compassion for all creatures is one of the tenets of Buddhism and a central practice on the path to enlightenment.


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From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] > I'm not trying to mix the two. The intent of my post is to show some of the similarities between the two, especially those that I believe relate to zen, which as you also know I don't consider
to be a exclusive to Buddhism or a sub-set of Buddhism. >

I was on another Buddhist group which is very victimization oriented and which only wants people of a certain ethnic group to participate. There were several members claiming that Voodoo, Shango, Santeria, etc. were a great
way to practice Buddhism.

I was apoplectic and posted my objection. Voodoo, Shango, Santeria rely very heavily on animal sacrifices, drinking of blood, eating the meat of the
sacrificed animals, etc.,

I cannot imagine anything further away from Buddhism than Voodoo, especially since it also makes the priest an intemediary for any contact to a higher power and for self-knowledge. In Voodoo/Shango, etc., it all flows from the
priest/priestess. These are very shady religions at best.

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