Chumlong is known for his support for Buddhism, at least the Thai Buddhist 
clergy and monks; but his main theme is anti-corruption.

His party however, does not have a majority, so in order to orchestrate the 
toppling of the old prime minister he had to form a coalition (now called the 
Yellow Shirts) with other groups.  The members are mainly in Bangkok and the 
South.  All these groups have in common being anti-Thaksin and continue to 
reject anyone who was associated with Thaksin who keep getting re-elected.  
This is the coalition that recently shut down the government by occupying the 
government buildings in downtown Bangkok, and who recently shut down the major 
airports.  This coalition includes:

·         Monarchists – those who want to dispose of an elected government 
entirely and have Thailand ruled solely by the monarch

·         Elitists – (this is my name for them) those who want do away with 
elections and have an government appointed by the professional elites (lawyers, 
doctors, professors, etc…).  The Thai constitution already requires anyone 
running for a ministry office to have a college degree – that eliminates about 
95% of all Thais.

·         Military – the military in Thailand do no answer to the elected 
government.  The only tie between the government and the military is that the 
government has to raise funds for the military budget.  Several years ago when 
the military deposed Thaksin one of the first thing they did when they were in 
control was double their own budget.

·         Anti-Corruption – those, like Chumlong whose main focus is to 
establish a government which is not corrupt (good luck!), and if there are 
elections that the elections are run fairly (this means no vote-buying and the 
outcome  is what they want).


The other major political force is the vestiges of Thaksin’s old party (Thai 
Rac Thai) and are called the Red Shirts.  Although this group does not have an 
outright majority they do have the largest block of supporters by far.  These 
include government clerics, blue-collar workers, the police and most of the 
rural North.


That’s how I see it anyway – from my home in the mountains which rural, deep in 
Thaksin territory and 5 hours drive away from Bangkok.




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Chumlong advocated pious Buddhist life. Now you are saying he is part of the 
elites. That does not make sense, unless he gave up his previous view 



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Thanks for the wish about the unrest, but I think this will continue for a 
long, long time. It's basically a class power struggle between one group made 
up of Bangkok elites, the military and monarchists versus the uneducated rural 
population, especially in the north. The former group has the power of the 
military but the latter group has the voting majority. Thailand is also rife 
with corruption on all sides. The only thing holding the country together at 
all right now is the king.

I think all this will continue to swirl around until the current king dies 
(he's 80 years old and in poor health, and has an unpopular son), and then 
Thailand might explode into a full scale civil war.

My home is far enough away from Bangkok (5 hour drive) and in a rural area and 
up in the mountains. I don't think they'll be much real trouble here. Everyone 
here is too busy working and trying to feed their families to worry too much 
about who is prime minister.


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Hello Billy Boy, Thank you. The same to your family and everyone in 
Thailand. Let us pray the unrest there will be over soon. JM Boy. :-)

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> Happy Holidays...and every day!
> ...Bill!
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> Well Al,
> How are you? You have been quiet for a long time. Are you cultivating
> your chi, the original life force that we all were borne with? :-)
> For 2009, let me post what my Teacher taught about Chan.
> The practice of Chan is not for the conscious mind, because it is not a
> knowledge to be acquired or understood.
> Nor can the practice of Chan be mastered, because it is not an art or a
> skill.
> And the practice of Chan can not be scoped or measured, because it has
> no boundary and is everywhere.
> Nonetheless, these three statement above can truly be practiced and
> witnessed by oneself.
> Content Holidays To All
> _/\_
> JM
> fitness4u2163 wrote:
> >
> > What happened to that guy? He really made a lot of sense regarding
> > CHI, and Bill has scared him off due to his constant Dharma Combat.
> >
> > We need year of peace in 2009. Someone must restrain Bill, he has
> > become too powerful in the CHI which he does not believe in.
> >
> >
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