I’ve heard Jesus described as ‘an imaginary friend for grownups’, and I think 
to some extent that’s very true.  The same could be said of Buddha.  People 
create concepts of people or myths like these and use them to help cope with 
everyday life.  It’s a lot easier to rely on the teachings or imagined counsel 
of some ‘holy’ person than face life directly.


I agree with Anthony that for the most part TNH seems to be pretty well 
clued-in.  Remember, you’ve dealt with students of his, not TNH himself.


And in the end you can always be encouraged by the zen-inspired observations 
that: ‘Even the best zen master can’t enlighten an uncommitted student; but a 
committed student can become enlightened by a false zen master.’




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I had just had an immaginary Teacher for many years.  He wasn't real.  He was 
never present, or available, or guiding. correcting...he was just a tape, 
video, dvd, book...I currently see him more a kind of pleasant show to be 
watched and listened rather than a real Teacher. 





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I am very glad you came back. As regards the difference you talk about between 
Christianity and Buddhism, I agree to some extent. The former is more 
emotional, more intending to help, while the latter is trying to do away with 
emotions, which they think are harmful. Nevertheless, I think it is too 
premature for you to give up on TNH, who is a wonderful personality.



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Hi Mike, Anthony... and all of you.  How very kind of you both to ask for me.  
Not often this happens to me in groups.  Hardly ever anyone miss me!. .  I've 
been away in Spain most of July.  I have some access to internet but not much 
and when I did this mail used mainly in groups wasn't available. Besides I 
wasn't feeling much talkative.  I had to renounce to the TNH retreat in the UK 
because  I have some special needs and can travel alone right now...The hardest 
part here was to finding out once again that the only benefit I get from my 
sangha is the sitting down together and that once that is finished is better to 
thanks for the sitting in company and walk away from them as far as possible.   
 By the way and whatever you all say, the Christian Communities do care a lot 
of more for the vulnerable but the new western buddhist and alike, don't give a 
dam!.  They may be all in maxim red alert urgent need of oxygeno for 


Thank you 



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Zen is everyday life, so it is a project, a hobby and everything you can think 


Yes, I miss Mayka too.



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Date: Sunday, 1 August, 2010, 9:48 AM




I haven't been posting recently (most of the topics are a bit too naff for me - 
makes Zen sound like a hobby or some kind of a project). Anyway, haven't seen 
you post for a while and I know you have health issues in your family. 
Everything ok?



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