Thanks ED.  Somebody from my sangha sent already this article.  It was also 
sent the direct dharma talk TNH was having in London yesterday.  I started to 
see the announcement of it but their sever conexion didn't work out well and 
couldn't see TNH dharma talk.  But just the announcement and the end 
commercials selling calligraphie portraits by TNH,  hand watches designed by 
themselves and people living the conference room.  Did you manage yourself to 
hear the dharma talk from London?
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Subject: [Zen] Zen and the art of saving the planet
Date: Wednesday, 11 August, 2010, 22:18


Zen and the art of saving the planet
http://www.independ environment/ green-living/ zen-and-the- 
art-of-saving- the-planet- 2048029.html

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