*bows* DP,

I  think this a common fear, with any number of interpretations as to why one 
feels this way.   Perhaps it is not fear of dying that  drives this for you. 
Maybe  working with "fear" itself as a core emotion would be helpful.  In any 
event, I came across a couple of books you may want to look through...
"Being  with Dying:  Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of 
Death", by Joan Haifax is one source.  She uses Buddhist principles  when 
working with death and dying, and the book offers exercises, stories and  
personal experiences to guide the reader.
 Another is "The fearless Heart", by Pema Chodron, which  centers on  the core 
emotion  of fear.
Lastly, though not buddhist or zen, per se, in the course of my own education 
and training in health care, I can suggest reading Elizabeth Kubler Ross' works 
on the stages of death, and her thoughts on the dying process.  

Just a thought..

Dear Kristy, 

Thank you for the book recommendations.   I love Pema Chodren.  The first book 
read, after my home was destroyed by a tornado, and I'd lost all my posessions 
and my home was "When Things Fall Apart" and it was very helpful!!!

The tornado has slightly lowered my fear of death, as I would always ponder 
"what will I be thinking when I die".  Now I have an answer!  The tornado was 
over my house for about 3 minutes.  I was huddled under some exercise 
in the basement with my terrififed dogs.  One of my dogs, somehow kept walking 
in circles around me, which seems like it would be impossible due to the 
presence of the exercise equipment. I wondered how on earth she was doing it 
that would have been my last thought. 

I suffer from anxiety and depression, which I keep in check with meditation and 
exercise, and yes, also pills. 

If I start thinking about my own death too much, I can work myself up into 
anxiety.  These sound like great books that maybe will help.  Anyway, I am 
always looking for great books, and I'll be heading over to Amazon to now buy 
what you have recommended, though, I have several books I need to read first.  
My next book is going to be Thich Nhat Hahn's "Happiness". 


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