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Excellent question.

According to Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon. It works both ways. By being aware of the breath, the chi flows more smoothly. When the chi is strong, the awarenss, or the Shen, is enhanced. Please do wiki these terms.

In other words, if we had low level of chi, like low spirited or tired, we become just slow to respond and slow to be aware. We also have some explanation on our web site here.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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On 10/11/2010 5:00 PM, Maria Lopez wrote:

Do you think that Is the chi what enhances awareness?. My impression is on the other way round and that is that awareness will enhance the chi.

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    We don't move the chi, just be aware of the chi...  Give it a try
    for three months.  That's all.

    Instead of analyze or categorize, perhaps you can give it a try.

    Awareness can best be enhanced through this practice.  That's my


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    On 10/11/2010 4:49 AM, Anthony Wu wrote:
    Who is much more notorious than you are? Can I have this honor?
    Do you move your chi like in Qigong?
    When you try to interfere with your karma using chi, you are away
    from Buddhism. However, don't worry about that. Many people go in
    that direction. You can join forces with those using sex rituals
    to get enlightened.

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        Good morning Everyone,

        It does sound harsh and mean when I said, "Sit down. Shut up.
        Thinking..." Doesn't it. :-P

        Perhaps it is time for me to continue with these S's and add
        some more??

        No different from Buddhist practice of "discipline, meditation,
        wisdom", "Sit down. Shut up and Stop Thinking" is just a
        same as "discipline". Besides as you all know, the phrase
        "Sit Down and
        Shut up" was actually introduced by someone much more
        notorious than I
        am. ;-)

        To be correct, I should have stated, "Sit down. Shut up. Stop
        thinking. Start belly-breathing. Sense your breath." or just
        "S.S.S.S.S." in short.

        When we do all the S's, let us specially focus on the last
        one. Sense
        our breath all the way down our legs, to our knees and our
        toes. Then
        sense this breath through out our organs, all major energy
        points, our
        energy channels, etc. Once we are able to sense this breath
        our entire body, then we have surpassed the karmic "Hindrance
        of our Body".

        This "sense" is done with our Inner Awareness or our Inner
        Self. This
        "breath" is called prana in yoga and chi in Chan, or Yellow
        Inner Canon. Please wiki these terms.

        As we stop thinking, we are detaching from all forms, we are
        our innate awareness through the practice of sensing our chi.
        As this
        awareness is enhanced, we be able to observe our mind with
        it. As we
        become clearly aware of every notion of our mind, then we
        have surpass
        the karmic "Hindrance of our Mind".

        Then our heart will shine. Heart is where our Inner Self
        reside. It is
        through this heart, we connect with the heart of the
        universe, so to be
        connected with its energy and wisdom, for our body, heart and
        At this stage, we become pure wisdom, pure compassion and
        pure joy.

        Then only the karmic "Hindrance of Spirit" remain, which will be
        addressed in future post when causal relations mature.

        Surpassing The Three Karmic Hindrances is what Buddhist
        called, Surpass
        The Three Eons.

        Thank you for your attention.
        Head Teacher
        Order of Buddha Heart

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