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Ed,  My responses:

A few questions (which may stimulate comments/dialogue) come to mind:

(1)   In meditation practice, is pain a necessary ingredient for the
breakthrough to bliss and ecstasy?


(2)   Is this phenomenon similar to or identical with the bliss and
ecstasy reported by some or many masochists in BDSM practices?

Probably the same bodily mechanisms are involved.

(3)   Is this experience explainable as a natural process, or does it
call for postulating the intervention of supra-natural forces?

There is no such thing as `super-natural', so it's not that.

(4)   Are these cycles of pain and bliss a necessary concomitant of the
process of realizing one's Buddha Nature?


(5)   Have Zen masters made any statements concerrning the naturalness
or supra-naturalness of 'Buddha Nature'.

No, not in the sense of categorizing.  Buddha Nature is the
quintessential of human nature.


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